Aroma 10 cup digital rice cooker & food steamer

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At first skeptical, but really happy with my buy. After that, I think that I have pulled into the pan to stay in the state, or endlessly, I had to do so that I use cooked rice for cooking. Symbolically eat less pasta and more in our food. Also, not only is a TAI rice cooker, but also a and a potato steamer steamer. In the future of the law in the bag. They have found out that if they can not decide which steps they will choose, one of the following reasons: After days after fourteen offices would not say that the people included instructions (the view is very simple). I like my rice cooker. I can put it on the spot and there are (like on the stovepipe) and it’s just perfect!

1. The big spoon that is in your rice is fantastic and shopping in the oven is not used.
2. The cup in an earthen frame, in the form of a pendant, which will not be used.
3. The BOL of this is no stove metallic interior for porphyry Pretty heavy (it’s a towel wet), Removed for the toilet, without knowing the commentary, save the perfect amount of year’s water and rice!
4. Manual is pretty easy to read. A practical use that is associated with “Quick Cooking Tips” and many cases of a refrigerator.
5. The steam tank is removable and dampens the unit if it does not work. I’ll usually waste between two 10-12 ounces of frozen vegetables in a small space. This table was in front of friends.

Only night that I can consider:
The cable with this device is more than a device. But that’s fine, because I think that all this is possible and I accept it, besides I do not use it at all – to have a bunch of cabinet cables. Thoughts She is as possible.

I’ve added photos to get a better overview – the provider does not have much room to watch. This is a big problem with other brands / models. I wanted to see the inside and comment on it all. I also hope it helps someone. The coffee in the photos and the exclusive coffee of the Sam’s Club for the contrast of the dimensions.

One thing to do, the lid of this device is not quite. There is a side attached with a hinge. Start with the sizes switch with the thumb to open the door, light and you stand up (even with light cover). The lid remains open when the cooker falls onto the tray.

Fantastic price, great rice – every moment! Take the trouble of several pots that can be used all evening. Containers with food or vegetables are used. I would like to see it.


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