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Aroma Professional Plus Rice Cooker  – I really don’t get it. . Like “its garbage,” “do not get it!” Which is surprising in and of itself. Regardless, I decided to take a leap of faith for this and. . .it totally repaid! I totally LOVE it!

First off, I’m a senior college student living on my own at a shared house so far as what we share nothing here. To lighten the load on my stunning pots/pans place and the cooker that all of us have to share I decided that I had a rice cooker. Now I am totally not prepared to drop $100 on a cooker yet, and so not just quality was important for me personally, but price too. This product appealed to me not only because of the price and the brand, but since its not only a rice cooker! So far I haven’t used any of the different purposes this lovely product supplies but its rice-cooking function, but for me that purpose is good enough for me ~

I’ll notice that it arrived with all that it was supposed to – a steam tray, inner pot, rice spoon item, and measuring cup. The product did not appear to be ruined and once I plugged it in it was practical and showing how it should be.

Now I’m not certain why there are so many disparaging replies and testimonials on this wonderful rice cooker. So far I’ve utilized it a few times and every batch of jasmine rice I earn in it’s come out absolutely perfect! I am just going to assume that its largely user-error, together with the occasional rare blip at a item which was sent out faulty, because this beautiful cooker DOES come with an instruction book that’s extremely clear-cut and easy to read and read. All I did was read the directions carefully, then re-read them when I decided to begin cooking rice! First it provides you detailed directions on cleaning it that seemed very important (so if I were you I wouldn’t skip this very first step), however before you use just about anything I think you need to clean it anyhow. Then when you are ready to get cooking it lets you rinse your rice out as well – another important step I made sure to not miss. I used a strainer specially created for draining rice to make sure all the starchy, muddy water is absconded from the rice before following the remaining measures and filling the darkened inner chamber.

Although the cup you get doesn’t appear traditional (its own 3/4) which doesn’t matter. Utilize nothing else and just fill the rice up to the 3/4 line – that is a cup. Because I’m cooking for one individual I typically just do the minimal 2 cups of rice and store the leftovers from the refrigerator. The inner room has dimension lines and you simply fill it up EXACTLY to the numbered line which corresponds with the number of cups of rice you are doing. By way of example, if you’re doing two cups of rice like how I do then you would fill up the pot to another line. So far I have used this cooker a few times since getting it every time I’ve gotten a great, aromatic, and delicious, fluffy batch of vanilla rice! You could say that I got this cooker specifically for cooking jasmine rice, since the rice can be more difficult to cook over a stove and I needed something frustration-free and this cooker is it. Therefore, if you are looking for something that is versatile and can cook unique kinds of rice then I can confidently state that this is it!

As I pointed out earlier I haven’t utilized the slow-cooker attribute or the steam feature, but I may utilize the prior sometime later on and once I do I will be sure to update my review nonetheless, I have no doubts that I would have any difficulties using the slow cooking attribute since its rice cooking attribute is immaculate. My entire point is the subsequent instructions is crucial. They put those in to assist you and to be sure you are receiving the proper results that you are supposed to from their merchandise. This superb cooker definitely deserves its 5 stars and this college student is quite satisfied. And for $37 you have a bang for your buck in my opinion.

So please do not listen to all of the pessimism – get this if you’re considering it. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! (But please follow the instructions exactly to guarantee optimal results).

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