Best Memory Foam Mattress by Consumer reports in 2018

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Best Memory Foam Mattress by Consumer reports

Changed my life for the better By.Cory Barnetton – For the past 3 years i’ve slept on a cheap and relatively thin mattress that is honestly closer to a mattress pad or futon pad than an actual mattress. In the beginning I liked it because it was firm and didn’t break the bank. After a few years, the padding began to collapse in the middle which caused a few problems.

When two people slept on the bed, they’d roll to the middle and wouldn’t be able to stretch out and have space. Also, I’m a stomach sleeper so sleeping in what was essentially a bowl was beginning to cause me terrible back pain. I’m 28 and in great shape so for me to feel like I’m 75 every day because my hips and lower back are throbbing is not acceptable.

I began looking into memory foam mattresses and doing some research via Amazon reviews and youtube videos. After such stellar reviews of both the mattresses and the Tuft and Needle team, I eventually decided to go for it. Lei C from their customer service support was very helpful when I needed purchase confirmation and tracking info emailed to me.

I just moved to a new city so I had the mattress shipped there and it was waiting for me when I arrived a few days later. After cutting open the plastic it quickly inflates in a matter of seconds and was ready to be used. That night, coupled with my exhaustion from moving all day, I had one of the best nights sleep of my life.

I would typically wake up sweating a few times a night and have to fan myself and adjust my blankets accordingly but I slept soundly throughout the night and woke up refreshed. Once I got up I noticed that I had zero back pain after only ONE NIGHT sleeping on it. It’s been about a week now and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase as it has literally changed my day to day life.

Something else that speaks to the mattress’ ability to regulate temperature is that I have a 90lb wolf hybrid who will literally start panting if I so much as turn my oven on. For this reason he typically likes to keep to himself and would never really lie on my bed with me because he would get too hot. In the past week he’s taken over my bed and has basically claimed it for himself.

He even lies in it with me now which is something that never use to happen so I have this mattress to thank for bringing my big furry child and I closer together. If you’re considering a new mattress I couldn’t recommend this one any more. Thank you Tuft and Needle!


Tuft and Needle has raised my spirits. By Calvin

Aww man! It’s awesome. I was weary about buying a mattress online, but all of the reviews and “research” I did pushed me towards my decision. I’m very happy with my purchase. How much was this mattress? about $650 with tax? The cost was pretty low compared to the other mattresses I was looking at. I wanted a foam mattress and I really liked the ones I tested in store at the mattress outlets. The prices were up in the thousands there and I almost committed, BUT, I’m glad I didn’t. I compared the materials used in the tuft and needle vs the ones I liked instore and they were pretty close. That’s why I took the dive.

This mattress is comfy, for me. It’s really firm. My family members tested it out and compared it to sleeping on a rock, but I think it’s very comfy. I love it. I’ve slept great these past couple days. Maybe it cured my bad attitude I was having lately. A good sleep really helps and I attribute that to this mattress, the Tuft and Needle.

Thank you


Incredible Customer Service On a Return By.Alan

We tried out the mattress for a while. I am a lighter weight while my partner is heavier. The mattress was too firm for us–and we did read online after purchasing that this mattress is apparently more suitable for people at lighter weights. After using it for the recommended allotted time by Tuft and Needle to break it in, we decided to return it. I am giving this review four stars based solely on the excellent customer service from UPS, Tuft and Needle, and Amazon.

I would like to be transparent that the mattress appears to be a good mattress and will probably work well for certain people, such as lighter weights and/or stomach sleepers due to its firmness. So, the quality isn’t terrible. It just didn’t work for us personally. However, when we decided to return it, we contacted UPS about shipping returns. Then we called Tuft and Needle about the 100 Day Trial, although we saw on their website that Tuft and Needle would NOT pick up the mattress and refund it if bought through a third party distributor like Amazon. However, Tuft and Needle did confirm the 100 Day Trial was still valid even through Amazon and they gave me the number for the Special Handling Department through Amazon (the number is 866-423-5353, by the way). When I called the Special Handling Department, they gave me a full refund after I explained it just wasn’t working for us. Amazon does not accept returns on memory foam mattresses, so I was impressed that they gave me a full refund and trusted my word. Again, excellent customer service.

I would like to add that I have never returned a product to Amazon in all my years of shopping on their site, so that may be why they were nice enough to give me a full refund as I am a regular customer without return history. Tuft and Needle also states that ONE mattress per household may be returned ONCE per year, so there is that.

Four stars for the great customer service, but I would not recommend this mattress for heavier people or side sleepers/rotators. Oh, and it doesn’t appear to sleep hot. But not too cool, either. Somewhere in between.

Thanks, Tuft and Needle, Amazon, and UPS!



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