Best memory foam Mattress for under $1000 in 2018 – Absolutely Worth a Try

By Rebecca Denton – So…I had a ridiculously expensive Serta memory foam mattress – I think we paid $3500 for it – and loved it, until it developed weak spots, as all mattresses do over time. Now my knees and hips hurt again. Time for a new mattress. In the intervening years since we bought the Serta, all these online mattress start-ups came into being. Were they quality? They were pretty cheap – were they worth a try? If a $3,500 Serta was only going to last five years, did I want to spend $3,500 every five years just to get decent sleep? After reading dozens of reviews, researching how these mattresses are made, and researching various companies (Lull, Lessa, Ghostbed, Purple, Nectar…),

I made the decision to try a Tuft and Needle mattress – here’s why: It’s an American company and the mattresses are made in Arizona (unlike Nectar, which is based in the U.S., but manufactured in China – haven’t we all had enough of substandard Chinese production? – Also, Nectar had dozens of delivery and customer service complaints in their reviews, and it appears they aren’t honoring their lifetime warranty). After reading information on how these mattresses are made, Tuft and Needle’s bottom layer met the recommended foam density and thickness, and its top layer did, also. In addition, Tuft and Needle is the only company that uses a top layer of foam/gel combination they invented.

Tuft and Needle is also constantly tweaking its formula based on customer feedback – and it’s been in business longest of the online start-ups. So, when early customers said the mattress was a little too firm, they improved it. By the way, I think they’ve perfected it. I lie down on this mattress and my poor, messed up back thinks it’s sleeping on a cloud. I love it! But, the final factor that made me try Tuft and Needle? All the other companies were started by people already in the mattress biz (they know the biz, they know how to cut corners, they know how to mark the price up). Tuft and Needle was started by two software guys from Silicon Valley who literally had to learn the biz from the foundation up.

Did I want to buy a mattress from smarmy ex-mattress company execs – or from guys trying to make a decent mattress, at a fair price, while employing Americans? Tuft and Needle it was. I have a 10-year warranty and from my experience so far, fully expect the company to honor it, if needed – and it’s not a prorarted warranty, by the way.

Delivery was prompt, set up was easy. Most importantly, I find this mattress very comfortable and certainly worth its $700 price for Cal King. They offer 100 nights to sleep on it and they’ll refund your money if you hate it. Personally, I think you’ll love it. I knew in 60 seconds of lying on it that I loved it, and one night sleeping on it sealed the deal. Good luck in your quest for good sleep – and I hope you try Tuft and Needle. You really have nothing to lose.


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