ikea friheten sofa bed review – Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage

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Sit down – let me tell you concerning it particular couch.

We obtained this Couch to solve some issues we had, mostly we’re imagining that our great dane would use the pull out part because his bed (hahaha).

This couch Was possible for a couple to build, you must reverse it and that I think that it could be more difficult to do by your self, however it wouldbe possible. The couch fundamentally comes mostly assembled (like you’re not putting with the storage department or anything, just screwing the built pieces together).

The sofa Was simple to get up my staircase. Despite being a large couch, the individual sections were separated and convenient to carry. I’ve got a very tight entrance to the upstairs of my home and I experienced no difficulty getting it up here.

The couch is BIG, and the storage department is great. The part that pulls out is good. When you first obtain the couch it’s somewhat business, and I really could view, as other reviews have mentioned, how it may sag later. Personally I think this is likely to make the sofa more comfortable than it already is.

After the Couch is just a bed with all the lowest part out is really amazing, and therefore large. I’d 3 intoxicated folks who had to pay the night on this thing and these were so comfortable – and it was my joy to adapt them rather then sending them home in a taxi. This sofa let me do that.

I recommend This sofa to anyone who’s looking for a good sofa and a great deal of bang for the buck. I specially recommend this sofa to faculty students, 20 somethings, and individuals with large dogs.
Worked Well for my Studio Apartment By. rarasusu

I bought this sofa bed for my very first apartment. It was a 450 Sq Ft studio in The midst of Seattle and my boyfriend and that I really had a hard time deciding whether to get a settee + a bed or a sofa bed.

We had seen it a long time back in a store in our old state, therefore because Of this (and that individuals do not own a vehicle and getting out into Renton/Seattle’s Ikea was a pricey aspiration) we decided to go ahead and order it online. Especially considering that the weeks leading up to the delivery with this sofa consisted over air-mattress living, getting this couch was a significant moment.

It took us a few of hours to construct it and were thrilled with how it Came out….thought I’ll mention that the somewhat-cross-hatched pattern on the sofa was not as beautiful as I’d recalled. But whatever, it had been our very first settee and we’re excited. I was not expecting it to be more comfortable enough for casual use, however I also wished to try it out first before buying a mattress topper. We slept about it to the first couple of nights without the settee topper, but then broke down and bought a 2″ polyurethane foam topper. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It became a totally comfortable bed.

We had it made out into a bed the Majority of times, except for when guest were Over or if individuals were feeling particularly motivated to be adults. I Really like That we ‘d the 2 options. I’ll say that I kind of want we did go the sofa + bed Route instead, but this sofa bed really made it feel simple. It is so Affordable too.
After about 10 months, we discovered it appeared off-balance. We looked underneath and saw that the sliding part was off track. It was a pain to place back it in, but for a sofabed that has been utilized this much, it Was sill impressive.


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