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A highly tested mattress!! Better than any I have attempted so far! (By BarbVINE)
I admit, I was a fan of the foam. I was released to it while i purchased several memory foam bed frames for my dogs and noticed that these were always occupied. I made a decision to lie down over a pair of them and thought, ” I want one of these”! Once I got this Juga mattress through a try for review, I was suspicious.

I wondered “how far better could this be”? And so i put it in the guest room so I actually could hear other responses. I loved it, had sex so well into it and I have joint pain that often keeps me personally awake at night. This kind of is like I was on a cloud, a proper anchored cloud. Everyone from grandchildren to adult children loves this mattress and wants that room to settle. I may solve it by putting it in our room so there is no issue.

I recently won’t tell anyone. Seven different people or couples of most shapes and sizes all said, “I slept better than We ever have. ” We did not explain there was a new bed on the bed until after they slept there. There is the substantiation.

Supportive, Comfortable, Firm Polyurethane foam Mattress (By. Sunshine)
We have had this mattress for a few weeks now and have slept on it numerous times. Really firm and supportive while still being comfortable. Generally there is minimal movement with rolling or moving about while on it. The edges are firm and supportive, unlike some less expensive spring mattresses.

I had been a little concerned about it being too slender to be comfortable. It can be fine for me, though some may try some fine softer surface, and could put in a topper if they desired, or choose the thicker, plush version. I have it on the Serta Perfect Individual Regular Foundation, Queen/9″ Juga Perfect Sleeper Regular Base, Queen/9″ and seems like an outstanding combination.

My bed was shipped encased in heavy duty plastic and inside a strong package with handhold cutouts. This kind of managed to get easy to move into place while keeping it pristine. Impressive!

We like this mattress a lot and hope it lasts. I will bring up to date merely have more to add as time moves.

7-7-17 – I’ve got a guest sleeping on this bed for a few weeks now. Your woman had previously complained that the mattress she’d rested on in a different room was too strong. She likes that one much better. She’s a sizable person, and it’s seemed to support her well for this time. It hasn’t already left an everlasting impression after over a two week stay.

Best Mattress At any time! By. Bradley J. Briscoo
This mattress is exceptional! Definitely the best bed we now have owned. Not only do we sleep more comfortably than ever before, i think great too! Of course, we cover it up with sheets, but it really is a supple and beautiful bed.

The Queen size Dan Perfect sleeper genuinely is merely that, a perfect individual! Is really comfortable, very lush, yet provides surprisingly stable support lying down. My spouse and i like a softer pickup bed and my spouse loves a firmer mattress, in some manner this Serta provides both! I usually wake up at least one time a night overheated — avoid this new Juga mattress.

I never considered that a mattress would make that much big difference as it relates to overheating at nighttime. We also go to bed at different times and I actually is usually up two or three times before settling in to go to sleep. I go undetected now, no troubling the other person when we move or get up.

We are usually an area sleeper, but currently, have a shoulder injury that requires I sleep on my back. It is very difficult on our other mattress, but with the Serta, I am regenerating considerably more comfortably and not tossing and turning practically as much as I had been before the Perfect Individual. It happens to be remarkable.

It is a fairly deep bed, we are using 12″-14″ deep, fitted sheets that are ample for this bed. Additionally they are deep enough to keep the sheet from pulling up on the sides or corners. Since a side-note; our company is using this on a system framed bed, we do not use the ‘queen base’ pictured here at Amazon, and frankly, it doesn’t desire a base until you are using an old style, standard metal framework. Great mattress,happy sleeper!

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