Tuft & Needle Mattress The top rated memory foam mattress Brand 2018 on Amazon

Top rated memory foam mattress Brand

By. Nicole Warren-Scott – Let me start this by saying that while I originally bought this mattress on Amazon, I ended up cancelling and buying directly from T&N because Im local to them and they were able to get me the mattress same day (which is super awesome) when amazon had me waiting 6 days to get it through them. Although I’d give a lesser star review based on that alone, the quality of this mattress definitely makes up for it.

The spring mattress we had before this was a hand me down from my brother, it travelled with me from high school, to college, to several apartments, and finally to our home. This mattress was nothing special. Hard but unsupportive, often leaving us with achy backs and hips, not to mention it was a FULL size and covered in mysterious stains.

It was awful. After curiously looking at its law tag one day, we realized that the mattress was manufactured in 1998…thats right, this bed that we’ve been sleeping on was 20 years old! It was time to go. I quickly realized mattress shopping was a truly daunting task. So many options. We went to a furniture warehouse and laid on as many spring mattresses as we could find, not impressed with any of them.

A couple of them that were okay were well over $1000. We also tried serveral foam mattress and found them way too squishy and soft. Hours were spent online doing as much research as possible and that even proved to be tricky because you cant always tell if what you’re seeing is sponsered by a company or not. We were beyond frustrated. Of course when researching, the results were littered with bed-in-box foam options and, not going to lie, I was VERY sceptical. How can a king sized mattress that is firm enough to support but supple enough to comfort fit in a box that will be delivered to my door and not cost an arm and a leg? It didn’t make any sense but I decided to give it a shot.

As you probably are aware of by now (considering you’re reading amazon reviews for a foam mattress) there are many companies that offer bed-in-box options. How do you choose a bed you’ve never even laid on? There were a couple things that stood out to us about Tuft & Needle that ultimately helped us make our decision.

First off, they’re local to me, based out of Phoenix, AZ and I’m all for supporting local businesses. Second, I found nothing but rave reviews about their customer service (which after calling to order, I can attest to). Being in the customer service field myself, this is very important to me.

A product is only as good as the service that comes with it.And lastly, everything I read about the T&N mattress stated that it is one of the firmest of its kind which we were definitely wanting. So we did it. Made the decision. After all, what did we really have to lose? We have 100 nights to test this out and if we don’t like it, it’ll get picked up and donated to a shelter (how cool is that?!).

The mattress arrived same day (again, through T&N directly, not amazon) and I was able to quickly set it up myself. There was no funky smell and it fully expanded within minutes. After fully expecting to wait a couple days to sleep on it from stuff I’ve read (which I thought I read on the T&N website but maybe not) I recieved a delivery confirmation with FAQs from the company stating it could be slept on right away, so thats what I did. Its been 2 nights so far and I am impressed. I thought for sure Id be waking up sunk in a few inches from where I started but that hasn’t been the case whatsoever, it is remarkably supportive.

Before yesterday and today, I honestly cant remeber the last time Ive woken up without back pain. The difference is truly remarkable. Of course 2 nights is nothing in the scheme of mattress life, but I look forward to updating this review a few months down the road.

Do yourself a favor and stop searching. Give this mattress a chance, you wont be disappointed (and even if you are, T&N will take care of you and your mattress will go to someone in need, win win!)


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