Zojirushi rice cooker and Warmer 1.0 Liter reviews – Stainless Brown NP-NVC10

 Zojirushi rice cooker and Warmer 1.0 liter – In fact, I have another model that unfortunately is not made anymore. The only difference is that my model was 1 step away from this model and had the “platinum” coating on the pot – it’s a normal non-stick pot. In addition, some modes on my page are different, but otherwise they are identical. I love my Zojirushi. My girlfriend is from the Philippines, so she eats a lot of rice. I also like making sushi at home. I was tired of experimenting, cooking the perfect rice at home and looking for a good cook.

After my research Zojirushi is the best. Every high-end sushi or authentic Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been in I tried to see what they used. Yes, everyone uses a commercial zoji – much bigger than this house model, but that has told me a lot. I have also seen many comments from people living in Japan talking about their 40-year-old zoji who is leaving. I bit the ball and ordered one. It was much harder than I expected. Unfortunately, the display was very faded with me.

The unit works, but it bothered me. I sent an e-mail to the location where I ordered it and contacted a Zojirushi representative. He was extremely friendly and immediately recognized the problem – bad billboard. He said he would send me a new one just to put my back in the box so that UPS could pick up the return – no hassle, no charge for the return, and I did not have to leave my house to get it ship (just call UPS to pick up when I’ve packed the wrong unit).

I use it for about 6 years, with zero problems. It’s PERFECT RICE, EVERY TIME. Simply use the measuring cup to pick up the rice in a rice strainer, rinse the rice, add to the zoji pot, fill the marked line with water, add a little salt, send the rice variety and serve. The focus is on the quality of cooking, not speed. If you are looking for something that suits rice in 20 minutes, look elsewhere. Most rice cooks in about an hour.

Gaba brown rice cooks the longest (about 3 hours). Once cooking is complete, the cooker automatically switches to the heat mode, which keeps the rice warm for several hours without affecting the texture of the rice. The bowl is heavy and the nonstick is great – nothing sticks to the collage. I also made chicken kanji in my – it’s great. My sushi skills are mediocre to good, but I’ll honestly say that my sushi rice is better than 90% of all sushi restaurants I’ve visited. High-end rice, good conditioner, seasoning with sushi vinegar and above all – perfectly cooked rice, EVERY TIME.

If you decide to make models, if you plan to make brown rice you will get the model pressure cooker (this one), otherwise I recommended the Model Induction (IH) if you are trying to save money. Brown rice is as sweet as my white rice, and it tastes umami robust (I do not know why, I think it’s magical.

If you cook for 2 or 3 people, you will get the 5 cup model. If you have more than 3 people, or if you eat rice more than twice a day, then you might want the model of 10 cups. I would not make less than 2 cups in the 5 cup model, and I would not make less than 4 cups in the 10 cup model. Oh, one more tip, if you like your soft basmati with longer beans, use extra water (about 1.5 extra cups on the line). You can also replace the chicken broth with water if you are making flavored rice or adding vegetables or meat. Just buy it, you will use it, but remember the perfect rice every time you use it.

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